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Cancellation/Change (After you request International direct purchase service)
    Before we process your order, there is a button called, “Cancel my order”.
      - If you want to change or cancel your order, click the Cancel my order button.
      - Also if you notify us the cancellation through 1:1 Q&A, we directly process the cancellation (only in business hours).

    Please make sure that if you cancel or change your order after we process your order, return fee incurs.   In this case, return fee varies depending on brands, and be sure that there are some brands that returns are not available even though you pay the return fee.
      Please make sure that the return fee that products are arrived in American Logistics Center and the return fee that products are already shipped from the center are different.
    Foreign websites usually don’t accept “Exchange.”
      - As international direct purchase service, we only proceed a refund about mistaken, awaiting or canceled products.

    If the lost product is still in stock, you can reorder the product.
      - There may be changes in the price of the product because of termination of the sale season; please make sure that you may be responsible for the additional charge.
      - When the reorder is processed, estimated shipping date restarts. Please make sure that we cannot ship the rest of your products.
      - If you want to get the rest of the products, you need to pay the shipping fee of the products separately.
Providing Pricing Guidelines of Returns fee
    After the time your order is processed in America, the return fee incurs.
        - Before your products are arrived in American Logistics Center, you are responsible for the return fee within the US.
        - When your package is already arrived in Korea, you need to pay for the return fee within the US + the EMS cost (depending on weights) + retrieval shipping fee.
Free Returns
    We process free returns and refunds within 7 days after you get your package only if you are applied to these cases below.
    (Notice: if a product differs from the product you ordered or differs from the description you’d read, you have a right to cancel the subscription within the 30 days from you noticed or could notice.)

    1. Your product is damaged or lost.

    2. You received incorrect product.
      - The changes of images in foreign websites are exceptions; be sure to read descriptions carefully.
      - Shipping fees and credit card installment commission will be deducted when we process returns due to multiple defective items.
Returns that are not allowed
    1.More than 7 days passed after you got your package.
      - Even though you request you return within the 7 days, returning process may be difficult according to brands.

    2.Missing tags or polybag.
      - If you lose tags or poly bags, Vendor Company regards that the problem of the product incurred after you use the product.
      - It will be not accepted though the product is defective; please make sure check the product carefully as quickly as you open the package.

    3.Finding out problems after you wash the product.

    4.There’s a sign that you already used the product(No returns will be accepted after you use).

    5.The product is damaged because your carelessness.
      - Please be careful when you open your package; No returns will be accepted if your product is damaged because of sharp tools you used.

    6.The product is repaired.

    7.The package of shoes is damaged or lost.

    8.Shipped from countries other than the US.
      - The products shipped from countries other than America(such as Topshop, Boden, Monsoon, Cath Kidston, Oilily, H&M etc.) cannot be qualified as returnable products in any case.

    9.Final sale products.

    ※ If the product is defective, please contact to help@littlecow.co.kr to process return.

    ※ If the return is accepted, a mailman will visit to pick up the product at the next included in business days..
      - In this case, the mailman will visit to the address you requested on an appointed day.
      - You must give back the product to the mailman on the appointed day.
      - If the retrieval is not completed, because the address is wrong or you didn’t pick up your call, we may not process the return that needs to accommodate to the due date of Vendor Company’s return policy.
      - If the due date is already passed, please make sure that we cannot process the return.
      - Also, we only accept products that are new, unworn for returns(shoebox, polybag, tags etc.).